Our History

The Benison Center was formed in 2017 shortly after Hurricane Irma made landfall and struck Southwest Florida. The devastation that it caused in Immokalee made us see the need to provide long-term assistance to the community; we serve as a bridge that links people to resources that are needed in times of devastation. Whenever companies have excess product, we make sure that the products are put to great use.

Benison Center

Dedicated to Social Responsibility

Our role is to spread donated products worth millions of dollars to nonprofit agencies, churches, and schools throughout Southwest Florida. As a result of this resourceful program, more than 50 nonprofit agencies are better equipped to serve an area with nearly 44% of men, women, and children live below the national poverty line.

The Benison Center assists its partners in serving  the people at the heart of the community—mothers, fathers, the elderly, and many more. The Benison Center helps its partners distribute basic goods such as personal care items, diapers, cleaning supplies and housewares. For a nominal access fee to our warehouse, agencies and churches that participate in our "Gift in Kind" program will receive various materials. These materials strengthen their ability to provide worthwhile services and programs.

Our Affiliations

The Benison Center proudly serves as a distribution hub for World Vision, one of our major partners, a global Christian humanitarian organization. It is because of our alliance with World Vision that we are able to be in a prime position to serve our communities better and help every family reach its full potential.

Aside from World Vision, we have also established partnerships with Living Hungry and Farm Share. Living Hungry utilizes a hands-on approach in its battle against hunger. Meanwhile, Farm Share distributes surplus food to homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and churches.


Clara Calderon

Principal of Immokalee High School

“The Benison Center is a beacon of hope for the Immokalee community. Mr. Frank Rincon and his ministry have taken on the challenge of providing the Immokalee community with a place that will continually supply and meet the needs of teachers, students, and families. On behalf of our students and faculty, we are eternally grateful for their support.”

Dawn Montecalvo

President of Guadalupe Center

“The Benison Center provides our Guadalupe students and families with much-needed items necessary for daily living. Whenever something is needed, we know we can call the Benison Center. Their staff graciously provides us the needed items with a smile. They have also given items to our Early Learning Center, which provides our students with additional educational opportunities. The Benison Center is a blessing to our community and allows us to share our resources.”

Gayane Stepanian

Executive Director of RCMA

"The Benison Center couldn't have opened its doors at a more critical time in Immokalee. Five months after Hurricane Irma, thousands of families still struggle to meet the bare necessities. In a community that is reliant on agriculture, work became intermittent after the storm. RCMA applauds the vision to have a distribution center that seeks, receives, and redistributes donations to help those most in need!"

Abel Jaimes

Director of Title I

“The Benison Center is exactly what our Immokalee community needed. The center is making an immediate difference! Our schools are utilizing the resources provided to address students' basic needs.”

Joy Alvarez

Principal of Lake Trafford Elementary School

“Not only has the Benison Center provided relief to the students and families of Lake Trafford Elementary immediately after Hurricane Irma, but sponsors of the Benison Center realize the long-lasting hardships of some families and, therefore, continue the support. Thank you Benison Center for having a heart for LTE students and all of Immokalee!”